• Dimora Pascali home - Polignano a Mare - Italy
  • Dimora Pascali home - Polignano a Mare - Italy
  • Dimora Pascali home - Polignano a Mare - Italy
  • Dimora Pascali home - Polignano a Mare - Italy
  • Dimora Pascali home - Polignano a Mare - Italy
  • Dimora Pascali home - Polignano a Mare - Italy
  • Dimora Pascali home - Polignano a Mare - Italy
  • Dimora Pascali home - Polignano a Mare - Italy
  • Dimora Pascali home - Polignano a Mare - Italy


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Welcome to Polignano a Mare

"The Blue Pearl” of the Apulia Coast!

  • Polignano a Mare - Dimora PascaliA crystalline sea and the rock embroidered by incredible cavities, excavated by the sea, are the distinctive signs of Polignano. The oldest nucleus rises on a rocky spur over the Adriatic Sea, about 30 km south of Bari. The medieval city has retained its charm with a succession of charming alleys, typical white houses and lodges on the rock.
    The profile of the coast, the high cliffs and the rugged coast, from Grotta Palazzese to Lama Monachile, between hidden coves and delightful sandy coves, make Polignano a Mare one of the most beautiful places in Apulia.

    Dimora Pascali is in the heart of this beautiful city. Our B&B is a completely renovated and welcoming location, furnished of elegant rooms with every comfort and private bathroom.

    Its name “Dimora PAscali” is not casual, Franco and Lucia Pascali, the parents of the artist, set designer, sculptor, performer and our distant relative Pino Pascali, have lived in the apartment for about 20 years.

    Sala Colazioni - Dimora PascaliThe essentials and the warmth of the rooms and the charm of their history will make your holiday unforgettable. The warm and welcoming hall, with shabby / provence-style appeal, will wrap you up soon. The entire Dimora Pascali is cured carefully with paintings, prints, paintings by artists, drawings and images recalling the leitmotiv of this structure.

    You will immediately feel enveloped in a refined but at the same time familiar atmosphere.

    It is also in excellent position, as for free parking as for distance from the city center, it is 200 meters from the promenade "Grotta Ardito" overlooking the Adriatic Sea and 300 meters from the Lama Monachile beach, just a few steps from the old settlement, with wonderful panoramic viewpoints and balconies overlooking the sea.

    Next to the B & B there are cafés, restaurants, shops of all kinds, supermarket, hairdresser, pharmacy and first aid station.

    Dimora Pascali is the right choice for exploring Apulia and Polignano a Mare, home of artists such as Domenico Modugno and Pino Pascali, on two wheels.

    In fact, we pay special attention to our guests by motorcycle and bicycle and we offer them many useful and appreciated services to experience great emotions on two wheels..

    We wish you a pleasant holiday in our elegant Dimora Pascali!

  • Pino Pascali - Polignano a MarePino Pascali, an Italian artist of the twentieth century, was born in Bari on 19th of October, 1935, from parents living in Polignano a Mare. His artistic career is short and flamboyant. After graduating in 1956, he moved to Rome, where he enrolled in the Accademia delle Belle Arti. During the years of the Academy he began to attend the artists of the group of People’s Square, who will have a very strong media success, while their troubled lives will bring them to the honors of the story. Among these artists, Pascali stands out because its artistic search is not a search in the Italian pop art but an individual search; he is a theater man and this spirit will carry him inside his own works, sculptures and drawings. Pascali is a passionate researcher, collector of everything that is discarded, thrown away, then reassembling it with a distinct taste of play and reconstruction; so, he creates artworks as toy weapons, brassieres, the illusory sea, the great wooden, metal and canvas structures that represent animals. In this sense we can say that Pascali anticipates that movement that will then be called ‘poor art’ and will be theorized since 1968.

    Imaginary construction of a world through the great sculptures will come together in the years following the collaboration as set designer in some RAI productions and with the Lodolofilm for the creation of small animated films. Laughed at a series of extraordinary designs, drama characters, some of them inspired by Africa, killers and books, all characters coming out of the happy pencil of this extraordinary artist. It is the period in which a strong link between advertising and arts is created, the time when Carosello's famous program is born, and television becomes the great space through which these extraordinary artists will express themselves. The relationship between art and advertising is an old relationship, but in these years it engages and addresses everyone. While before the artists worked exclusively for high and noble commissions, today they are tied to mass-produced products, without their art losing value, and yet it is not the advertising message that disgusts the value of the artwork, but it is art that value the product. Art remains art in itself.

    What would Pino Pascali be later? We can’t know it...

    Unfortunately the fate closes certain life experiences. Pascali, who had anticipated everything, the themes of new realism with the recycling of used products, the poor art with the construction of his sculptures, many advertising themes with his characters, interrupts his life and artistic career when he was only 33 years old. His unbridled energy and his vitality brought him to love speed, he loved his motorcycle and he will find death in 1968 on two wheels. From that moment on, that revolution the artists of the Group of People's Square and Pino Pascali had brought in the art sector will flow over the society; unfortunately Pascali, who had anticipated this, could not see it.

    His body was buried in the private chapel of the cemetery of his town, Polignano a Mare.

    “A man who is dear to the Heaven, dies when he’s young" (Menandro)

Dimora Pascali

Via Pino Pascali
Polignano a Mare - BA
+39 347 95 45 819

CIS: BA07203561000017609

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