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Exchiesetta of Polignano, attractive destination of Wonderful Christmas!

Exchiesetta of Polignano, attractive destination of Wonderful Christmas!

Christmas holidays are not finished and you have not yet visited Wonderful Christmas of Polignano a mare? You have still time! Until January 6th you can immerse yourself in a dreamy atmosphere, including artist lights, Christmas markets and the ice rink! And if you love art you must visit Exchiesetta, an artistic jewel located in the historic center and entitled to Pino Pascali, just like our Dimora! For Wonderful Christmas 2018 Exchiesetta is houses inside the works of Vincenzo Marseille, one of the most appreciated Italian artists of the moment!

Exchiesetta Pascali, a jewel of art and history in the center of Polignano a mare

In Wonderful Christmas route you can meet Exchiesetta, a small and suggestive chapel located in the heart of Polignano a Mare, in the center of the ancient village. One of the peculiarities of this church, in Romanesque style, is that it overlooks the Adriatic Sea, right on one of the most spectacular coasts of Apulia. The building was named after St. Stephen, the first martyr of the Christian religion. There is not much news about its history and for a long time it was closed to the public, without any religious rite being celebrated.

Exchiesetta entitled to Pino Pascali

If you want to experience your Wondeful Christamas in Polignano a mare you cannot fail to visit Exchiesetta, a symbol of the great art. After being closed for decades, on December 22nd, 1968 the chapel reopens its doors to the public and it is dedicated to Pino Pascali, the well-known artist who is also dedicated to our B&B. Pascali died prematurely three months earlier in a car accident , but in his short career he managed to get noticed for his creative flair and for his innovative art. A foundation, a museum and a prize are also dedicated to him in Polignano, proof of his consideration as one of the most important artists of Apulia in the twentieth century.

Exchiesetta as an art gallery

Exchiesetta of Polignano a Mare, one of the most attractive destinations of Wonderful Christmas 2018, after having been dedicated to Pino Pascali, becomes a cultural container of contemporary art and, in fact, it was used in 1970s by Pascali's family to exhibit works by his friends such as Jannis Kounellis, Maurizio Mochetti, Vettor Pisani, Vincenzo Agnetti. For some years it remains closed again, but since 2012 the chapel hosts many internationally known artists who have the opportunity to promote their works in a very suggestive space.

For Wonderful Christmas Pascali Exchiesetta hosts Vincenzo Marseille

For Wonderful Christmas Exchiesetta hosts the famous works of Vincenzo Marseille, one of the most important Italian artists in the field of digital, optical and kinetic research. The event is called "Clopen" and it is curated by Roberto Lacarbonara. Marseille has reread the architecture and the story of this place and reinterpreted its spaces through an installation accessible to visitors from December 22nd, 2018 to January 26th, 2019. In its installation, the artist gives a new geometric shape and a different volume to the building with projections of orthogonal and diagonal lines that cross the entire chapel. At night, on the facade you will notice a four-pointed star, made of luminous lines, a typical Christmas element, which intends to honor the great Pino Pascali.

The art of Pino Pascali also in our Dimora

Visiting Polignano a mare, not only at Christmas, but also in the rest of the year, you can find the art of Pino Pascali not only in Exchiesetta, but also in our Dimora that bears the name of the famous artist. In our spaces you can see the subjects that characterized his art, especially in our rooms you will breathe the air and the atmosphere of the great art, in contact with the places that once housed the family of Pino Pascali. Visit our rooms and choose the one that best suits your holiday, you can book it now!

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