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Carnival of Putignano. The funniest event of the year very close to Polignano a mare!

Io che amo solo te - Polignano a Mare

Carnival of Putignano, a real feast made of parades, masks and lots of fun! A program full of events throughout the month of February, ideal to celebrate the Carnival festivities. The floats with masks, the papiermache, Farinella and much more. From December 26th to February 29th, the day of Mardi Gras, it is a succession of rituals, traditions and processions, in a continuous melting and altercation of sacred and profane. All within walking distance of wonderful Polignano a mare!

Carnival of Putignano, history and origins

Carnival of Putignano is one of the oldest events in Italy. Its origins date back even to 1394, with the Feast of the Layers, during which the peasants accompanied the procession, organized to transport the relics of Saint Stephen Protomartire, saving them from incursions of Saracens, dancing, singing and recing verses in vernacular. Since then, this anniversary marks the beginning of the longest Carnival in Europe, that one of Putignano. According to some scholars, however, this feast would be the evolution of one of the pagan rites dedicated to Dionysus. Today definitely it is one of the most anticipated events of the year.

Carnevale a Putignano vicino Polignano a Mare

Carnival of Putignano, between festivity and tradition

In Carnival of Putignano you can find a lot of art together with local traditions. The allegorical floats, with their characteristic puppets, are certainly a strong tourist attraction. They represent true artistic masterpieces realized in papiermache according to traditional working techniques. During this period, starting from January 17th, the Feast of St. Anthony Abbot, the most important day is on Thursdays, when the satire is represented with stories and characters such as Priests, Nuns and Widowers. On Thursday of the Cuckolded, or Married Men, there is the Mass in Piazza Plebliscito, where the horns are cut to these masks, as solemn and purifying ritual. Among the other festivals, there are Candelora, the Feast of the Bear, the Extreme Unction of Carnival and the Bell of Macaroni, moment in which the end of Carnival is celebrated. You can also visit "The permanent exhibition of the Carnival of Putignano" at the Municipal Library, with miniature floats, photographic reportage and historical documents, and the Scattered Carnival Museum.

Carnival of Putignano, a sparkling of satire with the allegorical floats

The real protagonists of Carnival of Putignano are the magnificent allegorical floats, which can be admired in the colourful parade of masked courses. They are true works of art made with great skill by the papermache masters in their warehouses, historical and fascinating laboratories where the floats are conceived and made together with giant characters of papiermache. Instead, the youngest masters create the character masks. Everything is related to topics of politics and actuality, represented with irony. Every year you can not miss Farinella, the typical mask of Carnival of Putignano. Its name derives from one of the poor courses of the local cuisine and it is one of the most awaited masks by the participants.

The Carnival of Putignano, the news of 2020!

This year the Carnival of Putignano, a few steps from Polignano a Mare, reaches its 626th edition and for about a month it will give a great moment of celebration with some important news every weekend. In fact, the parades will animate the historic center on Sundays of 9th, 16th and 23rd of February, starting at 11 am, on Fat Tuesday 25th of February, at 18, and the grand finale on Sunday 29th February at 19 with the Pentolaccia festival. The new edition will be dedicated to a very current topic, the planet earth, in particular the theme will be "The land seen by Carnival". A look between environmental impact and sustainable future, with Farinella, the mask symbol of the Carnival, for the first time flanked by a female alter ego, which bears the signature of the creative director Mauro Bubbico. The Municipality of Putignano will also reward the best masks of character and the best masked groups to which substantial cash prizes will go. To participate to the Carnival of Putignano you need to buy a ticket, the cost of which depending on the age and the period you buy it from, at the box office or on official website of Carnival of Putignano

Maschere di Putignano per il Carnevale

Carnival of Putignano close to wonderful Polignano a mare

If you have decided to live the magic of Carnival of Putignano, do not miss the opportunity to visit Polignano a mare. Your holiday in Puglia will be even more beautiful and engaging. Our Dimora Pascali will welcome you with every comfort. From Polignano a mare you can reach Putignano easily and celebrate Carnival between the blue sea and the joy of one of the most famous events! Book your Dimora Pascali room now!

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