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San Vito, Polignano a Mare and Brazil

From June 14th to 16th, Polignano a Mare celebrates San Vito, the patron saint of the city.

A suggestive procession on the sea, lights, musical fireworks and much more to celebrate one of the most anticipated feasts of the year. Its history has ancient origins and it is linked to the relics of the saint contained in the Abbey dedicated to San Vito. A celebration that the Polignanese emigrants bring back to life also in Brazil, where they celebrate their patron respecting the true tradition!

San Vito, patron saint of Polignano a Mare, and his relics kept in the Abbey dedicated to him.

The Feast of San Vito is one of the most characteristic events held in Polignano a Mare. Every year, from 14th to 16th June, the local population celebrates its patron saint, whose relics are kept in the Abbey of San Vito, a splendid and imposing structure overlooking the sea. The building would have been built thanks to a noblewoman from Salerno who was miraculously cured by the Saint who asked her to rest her remains in Puglia; one of the many episodes that are told about the history of this martyr of the Christian faith, linked to the Apulian territory. Several of his relics are scattered throughout the world, while in Polignano a Mare, in particular, there would be fragments of bones of his knee and his arm, which emanate a liquid considered miraculous, revered to cure various diseases such as epilepsy, chorea or San Vito dance, hysteria and bitten by poisonous beasts.

Water procession aboard a raft and colorful fireworks display for San Vito.

From 14th to 16th June, on the occasion of the Feast of San Vito, Polignano a Mare is filled with a truly magical atmosphere. Days full of rituals and traditions that have remained unchanged over time and are still exciting to experience, in an atmosphere of joy and sharing. On the evening of June 14th, the boats are blessed in the small harbor of San Vito, from where the characteristic procession of the statue of the patron aboard a raft, which ends its journey in Cala Paura. Here all the faithful welcome the statue of San Vito to which the Mayor delivers the keys of the city. A splendid fireworks display illuminates the sky with a thousand colors, creating a truly amazing image!

In the streets of Polignano a Mare between procession and musical fireworks.

After crossing the sea, the procession of San Vito, with two dogs at its feet, continues along the streets of Polignano a Mare, towards Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II. The city honors its patron by spreading precious, antique and embroidered sheets out of the balconies, and throwing flowers on its statue. The procession finishes before midnight, with the famous musical fireworks that enchant everyone, adults and children. June 15th is dedicated to the Gala Procession of the Relics of the Saint, while the last day the celebrations end with the closing procession, giving space also to concerts, carousels and stalls to complete the feast.

San Vito, from Polignano a Mare to Brazil, an unique big devotional Feast also rich in culinary delicacies.

San Vito is the patron saint not only of Polignano a Mare, but also of many other Italian and foreign cities. A significant example of the devotion towards this saint is the feast organized by the Polignano community that lives in São Paulo in Brazil. From May 23rd until July 5th, that is considered the biggest Italian popular feast abroad, designed and organized by the San Vito Martire Charity Association, founded by some emigrants from Polignano, is held. They are Italians who maintain the Polignano culture and traditions transmitted for generations. Among them there are "Mamme di San Vito", women who prepare the typical Apulian dishes for the occasion, such as liver rolls, fucazze, orecchiette with sauce, amaretti, piccicatelle, castagnelle and ricotta tarts.

Feast of San Vito Martire, an event to be experienced!

If you love local traditions and culture, you can't miss the San Vito Feast in Polignano a Mare. The magic of this event, in the height of summer, against the backdrop of splendid landscapes with the crystal-clear sea, which every year attracts thousands of tourists, will enchant you. An engaging way to savor the beauty of the Apulian history, with its uncontaminated rituals and customs, with the possibility of knowing the taste of the typical dishes prepared only in these days of celebration. Your holiday can be perfect if you stay in the welcoming Dimora Pascali, in the center of Polignano a Mare, where the event is held. Choose and book your room now!

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