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Grotta Palazzese, a restaurant in Polignano a Mare

Restaurant Polignano a Mare

Grotta Palazzese is a restaurant built inside a natural cave. Here it is pleasant to get lost among the wonders of Polignano a Mare and the excellent carefully prepared food.
The enchantment of the sea and the beauty of the rocks frame this one of the most famous restaurants in Puglia. A unique location, which has become world famous.
Menus based on local products, such as fresh fish at km 0, will delight the palates of those who want to experience the magic of Grotta Pallazzese.

Grotta Palazzese , the most famous cave of Polignano a Mare.

Polignano a Mare is known for its beaches, its uncontaminated landscapes overlooking the sea, its extending over a rock full of suggestive caves. Grotta Palazzese is the most famous and it is has become known for its haute cuisine restaurant that welcomes its customers in a dream atmosphere.

The cave overlooks the Adriatic Sea which is the setting for lucky people which can spend a special evening in this amazing place. What fascinates most, of course, is the possibility of dining surrounded by the green sea waters, shrouded in cave rocks.

Exclusive and sought-after atmosphere, always.

Grotta Palazzese restaurant stretches among the rocks of the hollow, with its elegant tables and soft lights that help to create a fairytale atmosphere. In the evenings in which the sky is illuminated by the moon the place becomes even more charming and romantic.

Grotta Palazzese is cared for in minute detail, with its floor made of parquet, with a beautiful harmony between naturalistic and architectural elements. For all this you need to access the place with a dress appropriate, avoiding beach clothes. Even the proposed music is not chosen at random. Domenico Modugno, an artist now considered a symbol of the city Polignano a Mare, is the background.

Since the 1700s, when the nobles organized their feasts here, this place was considered "Grotto of glitz". Today it continues to welcome and charm as it did then.
Leto family, feudal of Polignano from 1713 to 1794, had the idea of turning this cave into a privileged place where you can have parties and banquets. In 1783 the painter Jean Louis Desprez decided to represent it in his watercolor painting, thus leaving us a direct visual witness of this lucky place.

Lunchroom Restaurant Grotta Palazzese

A restaurant and at the time a unique tourist destination in Polignano a Mare.

Grotta Palazzese is definitely one of the most sought-after tourist destinations internationally. Every year, many tourists, coming not only from Italy, but also from abroad, try in every way to be able to book a table in this extremely evocative place, to taste refined dishes in a unique location in the world.

A suitable place especially for those who want to spend a romantic evening, as a couple or as a family, and also for those who want to share this experience with friends.

The most coveted tables are those overlooking the sea, considered the most characteristic point of the entire restaurant. Although to be honest every single place is to be considered unique and characteristic.

Palazzese Cave, the booking.

Reservations are required because there is high demand and the seat is allocated when customers arrive.

Grotta Palazzese restaurant, by virtue of its location, is open from spring, starting with the Easter holidays, until October. During the rest of the year you can access the "Sea Lounge", a lounge with large windows, similar to a ship, and sea views.

Tables of Restaurant Polignano a Mare

Exclusive menus for top-notch cuisine.

Grotta Palazzese, in addition to these and other peculiarities, offers its own and characteristic kitchen. Dishes prepared in a new way ready to give sight to characteristic flavors and inviting smells.

Two tasting menus are planned: "Dream" and "Unforgettable". Most of the dishes are fish-based, but you can also find vegetables and meat.

Among the dishes are carrot chiffonade, cod in cucumber sauce, octopus in two cookings, meatballs proposed in three different versions, curly pulp, seared tuna, stuffed pumpkin flowers and tiramisu. A kitchen that offers tastes all to taste in recipes that can only be found in this restaurant.

Grotta Palazzese, the prices.

We are talking about one of the finest restaurants in Italy, so we can not expect popular prices.

Just search the internet "receipt Grotta Palazzese" to find several photos of receipts taken by those who have been in this restaurant. Scrolling through some of them shows that the minimum price for a person is € 180.00. It depends, of course, on the dishes and drinks you have chosen. Surely they are not low prices, however everything that is offered is of high quality (if not of the highest level) and nothing is left to chance.

Restaurant Grotta Palazzese Polignano a Mare

An experience to try at least once in your life!

Palazzese Cave is definitely one of the places of Polignano a Mare absolutely to live. A restaurant that can complete your holiday, making it special rather than unique.

At Dimora Pascali, we invite you to spend unforgettable moments in our B&B. You will find the same dream atmosphere typical of Polignano a Mare and Grotta Palazzese.

Hotels near Grotta Palazzese

Our Dimora Pascali is evocative and elegant as you can see from the photos of this site. It is also a short walk from the old town and the Grotta Palazzese restaurant!

In short, Dimora Pascali is the ideal place to breathe even better a unique, magical, unrepeatable air. Choose and book your room now!

Dimora Pascali

Via Pino Pascali
Polignano a Mare - BA
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