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Easter 2020. Where to go on holiday?

Easter in Italy

Easter falls on April 12th, 2020.

A few tips for your holiday to do during one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. Among sea, excursions, cultural visits, bikes, segways and much more: which trip proposal for Easter 2020 is the best for you?

The Easter holidays are an ideal time to spend with friends and relatives. However, the saying " At Christmas with yours, at Easter with whomever you want" is also true. That's why you might think of Easter 2020 with the people closest to you, in contact with the nature, or in the streets of wonderful cities, or in front of landscapes that make you dream. And why not afford all this? We give you some ideas and otherwise you can always contact us...

Easter has been celebrated since ancient times and it is the right opportunity to relax, perhaps with a few excursions out- the- town. At this time among the most visited tourist destinations there is definitely Polignano a Mare, where in this period you can enjoy the already warm sun, the crystal clear sea and breathtaking landscapes. The Easter holidays coincide with Spring, one of the most suitable seasons of the year to visit lovely places such as Polignano a Mare and Puglia more generally. You can also think of taking bike rides or taking part in events created specifically to make Easter special.

Easter, one of the oldest and most anticipated feast of the year. 

Easter is one of the most important religious celebrations. It has ancient origins and over time the rituals related to this feast have consolidated and today, even those who are not believers, do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of the Easter holidays to enjoy some good moments. In particular, Easter was born in the Jewish religion, which recalls the liberation of Jewish people from Egyptian slavery, and then it gives rise to the Christian one with the rites that trace the Passion and Resurrection of Christ. It is one of the feast that every year falls on different days, on the Sunday after the first full moon of Spring, also conditioning other feast such as Pentecost and Ascension. It is usually celebrated between the end of March and the end of April, thus calling itself "high" or "low". In recent centuries, Orthodox Easter has also originated, differing from the Catholic one because the date is set considering the Julian calendar and not the Gregorian one. However, it remains an opportunity to share moments of joy with loved ones and friends.

Easter, Spring breaks in Puglia.

From Polignano a Mare it is easy to reach the whole of Puglia, thanks to its good location.

That's why we suggest you stay in the rooms of our B&B where you'll find everything you'd expect. And even more...

Puglia is one of the regions where Easter is very much felt. Its enchanting places, from the hills of Gargano to those one of Valle d'Itria, from the coasts of Salento to Bari, are among the most visited Italian destinations. Starting from the north, you can visit the Tremiti Islands, to get to cities like Trani, Monopoli and Polignano a Mare. If you want to breathe sea air you can take a ride to Taranto or Brindisi, but if you want to stay in land you can choose Alberobello, Locorotondo, Ostuni, until you get to Lecce and its Baroque. You can also think of taking a boat trip between Otranto and Gallipoli, or arriving at the city of the "finibusterrae", Santa Maria di Leuca, where the Adriatic Sea meets the Ionian Sea.

Contact us and, together with Puglia Open Tour, we will organize the tailor-made travel holiday for you, to visit what you like most in the varied and indescribable horizon of Puglia.

Easter in Puglia in the name of true taste

In Puglia there are many characteristic places that you can visit and where you can taste tasty typical dishes such as orecchiette, meatballs, the flatbread in various places where the culinary tradition has remained intact. In old towns such as Cisternino and Ceglie Messapica you can try all the taste of good country meat, while on the sea coast you can discover the taste of “tarantine” mussels and freshly caught fish. In the best restaurants you can also eat the typical Easter dishes, such as the "puddica", made of sourdough and hard-boiled eggs, the appetizer "Blessed" or the roast lamb with potatoes, the Easter broth with eggs and peas, the sweets made with almond paste, the children's favourite "tieddha" made of rice, potatoes and mussels. All accompanied by excellent wines such as Primitivo and Negroamaro. Each place has its own special menu, able to please every palate.

We have already talked about one of the most popular restaurants in Polignano a Mare, Grotta Palazzese. In addition to it there are also others one that can satisfy your palate and your curiosity, as well as to satisfy the mouth watering that now you are trying ;-). Puglia restaurants selected by us will surely live up to all this.

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Easter events in Puglia

Easter in Puglia is full of events that blend with religious rites, between faith and folklore.

The cities are filled with processions where statues representing the Passion of Christ parade, creating moments of extreme suggestion. Among the most characteristic and famous rites of Holy Week all over the world, there are those one of Taranto and Francavilla Fontana (BR), where many tourists flock to see "li pappamusci", penitential pilgrims who roam the Tombs of Holy Thursday and in the Holy Friday processions, wearing a hood to hide their identity, barefoot and reciting the Rosary or even carrying a large and heavy wooden cross on own shoulder. Statues that are real works of art parade through the main streets of the cities, with a slow pace, in an extremely evocative atmosphere.

For Easter Monday you can choose among many excursions, out-of-door trips, guided art tours offered in the territory of Puglia, offering a wide range of activities to do outdoors or indoors.

With Puglia Open Tour we can organize trips, excursions, trekking, even by bike, throughout Puglia, to more visited destinations, but also to the less crowded ones, depends on your choices.

Easter 2020 to spend in Polignano a Mare

For your Easter 2020 holidays you can choose Polignano a Mare, one of the most beautiful and visited towns in Puglia. A city suitable for everyone: for families, couples, groups of friends and also for children. You can stroll through the characteristic streets of the old town, be captivated by the beauty of Lama Monachile and take pictures near the statue of Domenico Modugno.

You can also choose to ride a bike, moving easily from place to place. To complete your stay you can choose us. Dimora Pascali is one of the most exclusive accommodations, equipped with every comfort and a short walk from the center of Polignano a Mare. In addition, for a holiday full of nature and fun, you can take advantage of the excursions organized by Puglia Open Tour, with the possibility to rent a bike with which to move without difficulty and choosing the one that best suits your needs.

And there is also the opportunity to take a tour by renting the segway, one of the easiest means of transport to use, modern and versatile. The segway can run anywhere, even outside the city. Your Easter 2020 holidays will be special in the magical Polignano a Mare, especially if you take the opportunity to stay in Dimora Pascali and using the tourist services of Puglia Open Tour that will provide you with every information to enjoy your holiday in total relaxation.

Choose your room in B&B Dimora Pascali and Puglia Open Tour to choose how to move easily on your walks. Or contact us now, we are at your disposal...

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