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Il Libro Possibile, Polignano a Mare summer 2020

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The biggest literary festival of Puglia returns from 8th to 11th July 2020 with many news, celebrating 19 years since its founding. Literary meetings, book presentations and more will fill the streets of Polignano a Mare. This year also many important writers, opinion makers and journalists among the guests of the event sponsored by Pirelli. Everything will obviously take place in accordance with the anti-Covid 19 rules.

Il Libro Possibile , the biggest festival of Puglia returns to Polignano a Mare

Il Libro Possibile  returned to Polignano a Mare, from 8th to 11th July, with an extended and varied program. There is so much waiting for one of the most popular literary festivals that every year attracts a great number of lovers of books and culture. The main streets of Polignano are animated and fill with people, ready to share the passion and the curiosity to the world of publishing, with a particular eye to the latest news, and ready to attend meetings with important personalities of the field such as writers, journalists and opinion-makers. This year the festival will be special, where all anti-Covid19 measures will be adopted.

All Covid19 measures are provided in the organizers' press release.

Il Libro Possibile  turns 19 years old

This year Il Libro Possibile  reaches an important milestone, that is the ninenth year since its founding. It was in 2001 when four boys from the newly born Artes Cultural Association decided to give life to a very ambitious project: to bring the pleasure of reading in the streets, with the intent to share it with people. The boys used to make the reading available to everyone, moving the event to Castellana Grotte. Despite the initial difficulties, the festival arrives in Polignano a Mare between a lot of distrust and lack of interest on the part of the public, but it does not discourage the organizers who continue to propose the initiative without stopping. Their commitment and perseverance is rewarded and the Festival Il Libro Possibile  become one of the most famous events of the Italian background.

Il Libro Possibile, four evenings full of culture and sharing

Il Libro Possibile  in Polignano a Mare manages to attract hundreds of visitors every year and also for the new edition there is a large turnout. The event, directed by Rosella Santoro, is divided into four evenings in which, at the same time, in the most evocative points of Polignano there are meetings with intellectuals, personalities of the world of entertainment and politicians who have the opportunity to communicate with their audience. Debates discussing the latest editorial news, current cultural trends, the most discussed topics and how the editorial field is evolving. 

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Il libro possibile dedicated to "Time and Space Travelers"

Like every edition, Il libro possibile is dedicated to a specific theme. This time, it is "Time and Space travellers" that is the basis of the event, thought of as a new way to start again and come back to meet. A theme already chosen before the pandemic to celebrate the hundred years since the birth of Isaac Asimov, writer and scientist, quintessential narrator of the journey: from time travel to space, to the journey inside the human body. A theme that takes on a double meaning in the aftermath of the end of the lockdown. Throughout the event, for the third year in a row sponsored by Pirelli, a great contribution is made by the numerous volunteers who make their work available to the event, contributing greatly to the success of the event that becomes, therefore, a significant moment of aggregation and exchange of ideas. The festival is open to everyone, everyone can participate and take part in it, respecting anti-Covid19 rules such as the ban on assembly.

Many distinguished national and international figures

There are over a hundred Italian and international guests who will populate Il Libro Possibile. The  complete list can be found in the press release.

Among the representatives of the institutions, the Minister for Regional Affairs and Autonomy Francesco Boccia and the Minister of Environment and Protection of the Territory and the Sea, Sergio Costa. Among the writers there are the American David Leavitt, connecting streaming from the United States, Luciano Canfora and Marcello Simoni. There will be music with artists who will present their latest works, including Niccolò Fabi, Edoardo Bennato and Erica Mou while the actor Rocco Papaleo will be on stage with the lawyer Pierluigi De Palma. Dario Vergassola is also present, with his "impossible interviews", and he will be accompanied for the occasion by the singer-songwriter, actor and director David Riondino.  Due to the restrictions of the anti-Covid regulations, however, this year you will only be able to attend by reservation at the locations of the waterfront Christopher Columbus, Banchina 'Pirelli Cinturato' and Banchina 'Puglia365' of the Tourist Port. The cost of the ticket is 3 euros; the entire proceeds of the sale will be donated to charity. Reservations are not required for meetings at the Terrace of the Dives and Il libro possibile Coffee.

Il Libro Possibile  in Polignano a Mare, an event not to be missed

In the last edition Il Libro Possibile  attracted an audience of over 90 thousand people to Polignano a Mare. Also this year many visitors are awaited, considering the prestige of the guests and the level of quality of the planned events. An appointment absolutely not to be missed and to live immersed in the magical atmosphere of Polignano a Mare that in summer becomes even more evocative and welcoming. Visit Il Libro Possibile staying in Dimora Pascali, a few steps from the historical center, the ideal location to breathe and live the true culture.

Do you want to know all future dates? Read this article: Il Libro Possibile - Polignano a Mare


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