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Il libro possibile 2021 - Festival

Il Libro Possibile 2021

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Il Libro Possibile 2021 returns to Polignano a Mare

Festival Polignano a Mare 2021. Also this year the biggest literary festival in Apulia comes back, scheduled from 7th to 10th of July 2021. Many news on the occasion of the 20 years since its foundation. Literary meetings, book presentations and much more will fill the streets of the historic centre of Polignano a Mare. Another edition full of events that will feature many important writers, columnists and journalists. And for the first time Il Libro Possibile lands also in Vieste. Let's find out how to book Il Libro Possibile 2021.

Il Libro Possibile, the biggest festival in Apulia returns to Polignano a Mare

Il Libro Possibile returns in Polignano a Mare, from 7th to 10th of July, with a vast and varied programme. There is a lot of expectation for one of the most popular literary festivals that every year attracts a large number of fans of books and culture. The historic centre of Polignano comes alive and fills with people, ready to share the passion and curiosity about the world of publishing, with a particular consideration for the latest news, and excited to attend meetings with important characters of the cultural field as writers, journalists and columnists. This year another special edition will be, where all the anti-Covid19 measures will be adopted. For the first time, the event will also be held in Vieste, with four days scheduled for 22nd, 23rd, 29th and 30th July 2021.

il libro possibile polignano a mare vieste 2021

Il Libro Possibile 2021 celebrates its 20th edition

This year Il Libro Possibile reaches an important aim: the 20th year since its foundation. It was 2001 when four young people from the newly founded Associazione Culturale Artes decided to launch a very ambitious project: to bring the pleasure of reading to the streets, with the intention of sharing it with the people. The guys worked to make reading accessible to everyone, moving the event to Castellana Grotte. Despite the initial difficulties, the festival arrived in Polignano a Mare amidst much mistrust and little interest from the public, but this did not discourage the event organisers who continued to propose the initiative without stopping. Their commitment and perseverance were rewarded and Il Libro Possibile festival has become one of the most famous events on the Italian scene.

Il Libro Possibile 2021, many events full of culture and sharing

Il Libro Possibile in Polignano a Mare attracts every year hundreds of visitors and also for the new edition a large turnout is expected, which unfortunately will be limited by the anti-Covid19 measures. The event, directed by Rosella Santoro, is divided into four events in which, at the same time, in the most evocative points of the historic centre of Polignano, meetings with intellectuals, celebrities and politicians, who have the opportunity to dialogue with their audience, take place. Debates in which the latest publishing news, current cultural trends, the most discussed topics and how the publishing world is evolving are discussed. In Vieste too, four days will be devoted to getting to know the current protagonists of the cultural world.

Il Libro Possibile, where "The sky is always bluer".

Like every edition, Il Libro Possibile festival is dedicated to a specific theme. This time, "Il cielo è sempre più blu", one of Rino Gaetano's greatest hits, is at the heart of the festival, conceived as a new way of starting over and getting back together. A theme chosen above all for its social value, in reference to the desire to get back on your feet after the current crisis. A look of hope for the future, to continue to dream of a better situation than the pandemic. Throughout the initiative, a great contribution is given by the numerous volunteers who put their work at the disposal of the event, contributing significantly to its success, which becomes, therefore, an important moment of aggregation and exchange of ideas. The festival is open to all, everyone can participate and take part in it, respecting the antiCovid19 rules such as the ban on assembling.

libro possibile polignano a mare puglia estate 2020 3

Il Libro Possibile will host many famous national and international personalities.

There will be many Italian and international guests at Il Libro Possibile 2021. Institutional representatives include Health Minister Roberto Speranza, Labour Minister Andrea Orlando, Justice Undersecretary Francesco Paolo Sisto and Undersecretary of State to the Prime Minister Bruno Tabacci. Among the international writers, special guest Patrick McGrath, famous author of “Follia” (Adelphi), who will present his latest new gothic thriller, “La lampada del diavolo” (La nave di Teseo), at Vieste. Among the great names on the Italian literary scene there will be Guido Catalano, Erri De Luca, Diego De Silva, Marcello Simoni, and Lorenzo Beccati. A space will also be dedicated to the 700th anniversary of Dante's death with professor Giulio Ferroni, Aldo Cazzullo, and Luca Sommi.

Il Libro Possibile 2021, reservations.

However, due to the restrictions imposed by the anti-Covid regulations, this year it will be possible to attend the meetings at the Palco Colombo and the Aldo Moro and San Benedetto squares only by booking on the event website. The ticket for the tourist port Cala Ponte Marina allows access to the Banchina Pirelli Cinturato and the Banchina Puglia365. The cost of the ticket is €3; the entire proceeds of the sale will be donated to charity. No reservation is required for the meetings at the Terrazza dei Tuffi. Spectators will be admitted from 7.00 pm to 7.45 pm.

Il Libro Possibile, contacts.

You can contact the event organizer  for any request using the form on the event's official website. 
On the same website you can also find out what happened during the events of the past years.

Il Libro Possibile  in Polignano a Mare, an event not to be missed

In the last edition Il Libro Possibile  attracted an audience of over 90 thousand people to Polignano a Mare. Also this year many visitors are awaited, considering the prestige of the guests and the level of quality of the planned events. An appointment absolutely not to be missed and to live immersed in the magical atmosphere of Polignano a Mare that in summer becomes even more evocative and welcoming. Visit Il Libro Possibile staying in Dimora Pascali, a few steps from the historical center, the ideal location to breathe and live the true culture.

Do you want to know all future dates? Read this article: Il Libro Possibile - Polignano a Mare


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